Washing of metals

Metal and surface degreasing

In industrial processes the materials most commonly used in the construction of parts are metal alloys that require operations such as washing of metals to achieve perfect surfaces. Degreasing and cleaning materials are necessary processes for materials produced in different sectors.

Washing operations of metals are generally carried out:

  •     Iron (steels with different carbon content)
  •     Stainless steels
  •     Cast iron
  •     Aluminium and its alloys
  •     Copper and its alloys (brass, bronze, etc.)
  •     Zinc and its alloys
  •     Other

These materials may be present both individually and simultaneously in the workpiece. The problems associated with metal degreasing processes will therefore be different depending on the different types of metals treated.

It is very important to know exactly the nature and behavior of the surfaces that will be involved in the process of cleaning of metals, in respect of substances used to clean them. This will allow to optimize the choice of the working cycle and of products necessary to wash the metals.

Each material has, with regard to these substances, a reactivity own which must be known to the user in order to avoid, or control, the possible chemical attack of the surface by the substances during the processes of degreasing metals. This chemical attack, if uncontrolled, can lead to the fragility of the structure of the material or to its consumption for removing material during the washing of metals.

Another parameter not to be overlooked in the processes of degreasing metals is the porosity of the material and the surface of the article to be subjected to the degreasing of metals. with increasing porosity will increase the difficulty, during the washing of metals, from the surface to remove both the contaminant is the product of degreasing metals, which, being “absorbed” by the material itself, can be a damaging effect. Each material has a different behavior during the washing processes of metals. In addition, certain industries require specific machines for degreasing metals.

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