For large-sized and heavy pieces, are used washing booths provided with a oscillating table and rotating ramps. This system allows to obtain machines with flowrate superior 80.000 kg and dimension that get over the 5.000 mm of length.

During the treatment, the ramps, positioned on the four sides of the booth, have an oscillation angle of approximately 70°. At the same time, the trolley moves lengthways, with an alternating motion inside the booth.

This solution give the possibility to cover all the points of the pieces in treatment, using low pumping and heating capacities.

The tanks under the workplan are provided with large windows of cleaning and inspection.Solutions are supplied from the reservoirs through one or more electro-pumps and the solutions made circulate return to the reservoirs through removable metal filters that make it possible to clean them.

In Tau series an exclusive original system of valves, assisted by pneumatic actuators, limits the well-known negative effects caused by the solution mixing in cycle in the washing chamber.