The washing plant consists of a horizontal treatment chamber and one or more service tanks.

The treatment chamber has inside a rotating parts/basket holder structure, a medium-high pressure spraying network and is connected to a valve group equipped with a filter for the return of chemical products in tanks of competence.

The treatment chamber is equipped with a manual or automatic door.
These machines are often used in the production lines of mechanical, automotive and aerospace companies for inter-process cleaning or for precision cleaning before assembling.

Due to their own flexibility, tunnel equipment can be used for big and small productions.

Mainly designed for water based spraying & immersion process, the treatment effect is based on the chemical, mechanical and thermic action.

The jet configuration has been arranged in order to cover the surface of the items in treatment through a procedure which includes chemical, mechanical and thermal functions.

During the rotation the parts are invested in each of their cavities with the projection and spray of hot chemical solutions at high pressure.

HIDRO.IK machines series can also be configured for immersion treatments with or without ultrasound.

While the plant is in operation it results clean, odorless and completely isolated by the environment.