Tunnel washing plants

Impianti di lavaggio a tunnel - Serie Close DR

Tunnel washing plants are considered the most traditional washing/chemical treatment systems.

These machines are particularly suitable for cleaning and chemical treatment of parts with simple shapes and a smooth surface without the critical cracks.
Tunnel plants are often used in the production lines of mechanical, automotive and aerospace companies for inter-process cleaning or for precision cleaning before assembling.

Due to their flexibility, tunnel washing machines can be used for big and small productions.
Projected to exclusively operate with water-based detergent, they found their effectiveness on the chemical action, thermal and mechanics, guaranteeing effectiveness and good results to the process.

The working principle is based on the linear movement of the parts through the various phases of the process with continuous motion or by stopping positioned in accordance with the nozzle for precise local treatments.

Every nook and cranny of the treated parts are penetrated with the hot cleaning solution under high pressure, capable to eliminate all traces of impurities and dirt.

The Tunnel Series includes the following models: