TANK.ROBOT series are industrial washing machines with several containers, equipped with gallery cover and one or more automatic conveyors for the internal movement of the basket.

The success of these machines is primarily obtained by their versatility, high capacity, reliability (because of the simplicity of construction) and low environmental impact.

The versatility is at first constructive because such a system can be adapted to many different cycles and various loading/unloading systems of treated parts.

Thanks to the random system of management it is possible to associate at every basket a different program of treatment, avoiding to have to work by lot as happens in old generation plants.

The presence of a gallery of coverage, assembled on the vats of treatment, avoids the diffusion of unpleasant odours inside of the place of job, reducing the diffusion of noise, avoiding (during the operation) the direct contact of the staff with potentially harmful substances and, above all, it prevents the access into the gallery while the machine is still working, this considerably reduce the congenital risks of employment of this kind of plants.

Externally devices can be applied to facilitating the operation of loading/unloading. There are simple conveyor belt and systems for the automatic storage and loading/unloading of the equipment.

Also in this case is possible to study with the client the best solution to insert such system in the productive chain.