The HIDRO.WK series of washers is specifically studied and designed to be equitable to the ever more challenging and environmentally conscious market requirements.

These systems are environmentally friendly because they operate with water.

WK plants are formed by a horizontal cylindrical cleaning chamber, one (or two) tank of service and a distiller of water.

The treatment chamber contains a rotary structure with a longitudinal axis, which allows the full or partial rotation of the parts inside the washing chamber.

The distiller makes it possible to have a system that works in a closed circuit and allows to perform the washing cycle with distilled water.
During the treatment, all components are operating under a vacuum at locally controlled absolute pressures.

The plants are entirely controlled by PLC and include a display, which provides a graphical representation.

A complete cycle of standard treatment is divided into 4 phases:

  •     Prewash
  •     Wash
  •     Air drying
  •     Vacuum drying