Industrial cleaning

Definitions and insights of industrial cleaning systems

It’s very important to understand exactly what is meant by industrial washing and which operations are carried out for cleaning.

The industrial washing consists in the preparation of surfaces for subsequent specific treatments, or the last finishing of the article before packaging and sale, in accordance with the nomenclature proposed from UCIF (Union Constructors finishing equipment) and with the terminology adopted by CEN / the TC27 / WG I (working group of the European Committee for Standardization for the safety of industrial washing machines).

More specifically we define the industrial washing as a process consisting of one or more operations to remove and eliminate from the surface of industrial parts, and with the degree of cleanliness required, the contaminants are organic and / or inorganic, by means of interventions and actions chemical and physical (mechanical, thermal, electrical) variously combined with each other. The process of washing may be composed of multiple transactions, each of which has its own very precise function.

In the process of industrial washing we can distinguish the following stages:

  • Prewash
  • Washing
  • Rinse
  • Drying

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