Metal treatment

Treatment of metals through the immersion cleaning

The treatment of metals through the immersion washing is a type of wash used:

  •     with solvent
  •     with aqueous solutions
  •     with mixed systems.

Ceever manufactures plants for the treatment of metals through the immersion washing of high quality. In particular, the machines for industrial washing are able to perform:    Treatment of steel

  •     Treatment of aluminum
  •     Surface treatment of metals

The treatment of metals through the immersion washing can be carried out both hot and cold, depending largely on the thermophysical characteristics of the materials and of the contaminant to be removed. This treatment of metals can be  achieved in washing machines to one or more tanks, depending on the degree of cleaning required and the number of rinses  of the surface to be cleaned.

The treatment of metals through the hot wash favors the possible subsequent drying of the pieces, because they have a  temperature such as to favor the evaporation and removal of the liquid; by contrast, the pieces may need to be cooled  before their next treatment and therefore their high temperature would prolong the total duration of the cycle. In cold  wash instead, if the subsequent processing of metals must not be carried out wet, the pieces have to undergo a drying  phase, carried out with hot air or vacuum. In both cases, the drying is slowed by the initial low temperature of the  pieces.

The treatment of metals through the hot dipping causes big losses by evaporation of the washing liquid, which must be  continually reset to ensure a continuity of performance. The treatment of metals through the immersion washing is normally facilitated by the application of a mechanical action which accelerates the removal of those contaminants that does not undergo the chemical action exerted by the agent of cleaning. In many cases, the systems are configured so as to match other types of washing to that immersion: the washing in the vapor phase in the case of solvents and spray washing in the case of aqueous solutions. Depending on the type of cleaning substance used, the plant immersion may present certain devices that improve the conduction and performance in the treatment of metals.

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