Special Application


Heating Treatment

This plant, planned by Ceever and distributed to the greatest subcontractors of the sector, can be considered as the definitive solution at the problem of washing of particulars, before and after the thermal treatment (nitrating, carburizing, turning off in oil, etc.).
The plant is constituted by an unique chamber in which, on precise requirement of the client, it is possible to contemporarily effect bath and spray treatment. The strong turbulence, produced by ramps of spraying that operate an under level flushing, has an high washing power.

Tire mold cleaning

In its own production history, Ceever has bilt a lot of machines for special purpose. Some of these experiences has developed new markets. One of the most important experience deals with the automotive tires mold cleaning machines.
The machine composed by a treatment chamber equipped with internal rotating platform where it is arranged the stamps holder. Under the treatment chamber there is assembled the main cleaning tank and externally there is arranged the rinsing tank. The complete cycle is composed  by :

  • SPRAY WASHING execute with a special solution in softened water, at the maximum temperature of 75° e 80° C and a dynamic pressure between 10 and 30 bar.
  • SPRAY RINSING with softened water at the ambient temperature. This phase can treat the external and internal surface of the molds in treatment. The pressure is between 2 and 3 bar.
  • BLOWING by compressed air coming from the line of the customer. This phase can treat the external and internal surface of the molds in treatment. The pressure is between 5 and 6 bar. The machine is completely controlled by Plc with Hmi device and can be equipped with many optional like modem for tele service, transfer pumps, dosing system…..etc.

The machine is bilt in 3 main models:

  • Mold Junior ( usually dimensioned for car mold type ),
  • Mold Senior ( usually dimensioned for truck mold type )
  • Mold Maior ( usually dimensioned for agriculture mold type).

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