ThermoV Evaporators

Evapori Serie ThermoV

The evaporators ThermoV Serie are “MECHANICAL COMPRESSION EVAPORATORS“ in high energetic efficiency.

Mechanical compression is a new technology that differs from traditional heat pump evaporators type for the greater energy efficiency: it goes from the traditional 140-150 watts / liter to about 80 watts / liter [*].

This machine series is also equipped with an INTERNAL SPECIFIC SCRAPER act to maintain a high heat exchange efficiency and act to drastically reduce downtime for cleaning and/or maintenance ; management operations and the amount of liquids that accompany these transactions are automatically reduced.

Are COMPLETELY AUTONOMOUS from the point of view of handling of liquid input and output because they are equipped with a self-suction fluid input and autonomous system for pumping liquid out:

the user can place the machine in the most appropriate point within its structure without worrying about the position in relation to its service tanks.

ThermoV series concentrators are made of 9 STANDARD MODELS divided by production capacity.

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