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» Degreasing and phosphating plant
Manufactured for Irisbus, Iveco Group’s company specializing in the construction of coaches, this plant consists of a spraying chamber (dimensions 2000x4850x2000h) used to phosphate metal parts (in particular the chassis components) before painting. The cycle includes phosphating, rinsing, rinsing by demineralized water and drying stages. The entire plant is made of stainless steel, heated by steam and all movements are controlled by a PLC.

snecmaSNECMA Moteurs
» Washing plant using ecological solvents
Plant manufactured for SNECMA aerospace, the manufacturer of Ariane’s engines. The machine (of the CK series) uses vacuum hydrocarbon solvent for the washing of aerospace engines’ components. Due to the excellent results achieved as of today’s date, Snecma has purchased two similar plants.

» Steel burnishing, zinc and phosphating plant
This Robot plant has been manufactured for Rohm GmbH, the world leader in the manufacture of chucks for drills. The machine consists of 36 treatment stages for a variety of applications, such as iron and zinc burnishing and phosphating.
The machine is also complete with an automatic loading/unloading system for baskets and sieves.

» Aluminium washing and pickling plants
Plants manufactured for Manuli Automotive for the washing and pickling of aluminium folded pipes. These plants are of the Robot series and consist of several large-sized tanks. The pieces are positioned in a rotating basket-holder that is plunged into the different treatment stages.

» Washing plant using ecological solvents
Hydrocarbon solvent plant provided with an automatic loading and unloading system designed for washing the interior and the exterior of engine injectors.

» Continuous washing tunnel for metal sections
This plant, commissioned by Rollon, the leader in the production of linear guides, belongs to the Tunnel series. The function of this plant is to wash and dry metal sections before sandblasting. It consists of a loading stage, followed by washing, high-pressure blowing, electric drying and unloading stages. If installed in line with another Banfi sandblasting system, this plant can be interfaced with the sandblasting system.

» Step-by-step positioned washing tunnel
This machine has been manufactured for Honda Italia for the positioned washing of mechanical precision machined components. This plant of the Tunnel series is equipped by a step-by-step conveyor for a correct and accurate positioning of the pieces.

» Bearing washing plants
The bearing washing plants manufactured for Trenitalia embodies Ceever’s most important capabilities from the standpoint of technical and production quality. In order to wash bearings of different diameters, these machines are similar to washing tunnels with one stage, where the bearing is centered on a cross that, when moving upwards, positions the bearing above the sliding plane. The cross consists of 4 perpendicular motor-operated rollers that make the bearing’s internal ring rotate under strong water jets, while the external ring is made rotate in the opposite direction. Furthermore, these plants include a blowing stage and an immersion oiling stage, as well as a loading and unloading system that can empty a pallet and fill it again after the treatment.